Miss Muffin Hats


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make infant sizes, too?
Yes I do. Any of the hats that I make also come in infant sizes.
Do you make custom hats?
I do when I have the time to. Send me your request anyway and if I have the time I will definitely do it. Also, I expect payment up front, as sometimes people will request a hat and I'll go out and buy all of the wool and spend countless hours making the hats and then they never pay.
What kind of payments do you accept?
The only one I do not accept is cash.
How much are your hats?
$35 for normal, wool only hats. $45 for fleece lined. $35 for custom and $25 for kids 3 and under.
I can't afford the hat, it's very expensive... Will you give me a discount?
No. The wool is expensive and it takes quite a bit of time for me to make each hat.
How long does it take for shipment?
It varies. If the hats are already made, I ship them within 24 hours and they arrive within 5-10 days. If it's a custom hat, anytime from one to four weeks as I have quite a few orders and I need the time to let my creativity flow. If the hat is already designed, but needs to be made please allow me five days.
Do you sell these hats? Or do you just buy them and take pictures?
I do indeed sell these hats.